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The Consultant A-List : a searchable directory with only chartered level consultants.

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What we are is a portal for consultants to advertise their skills and experience. If you are a business looking for a consultant then you are at the right place. We cover the World, Europe and UK. All the consultants listed here are at chartered level. Legally they must be otherwise we could not use chartered in the domain name. This means you will only find highly skilled and experienced consultants here. They will be a cost effective solution (even if their fees are more) because right first time is always cheaper in the long run.

To find a consultant use the client's menu on the right to search or browse by skill, industry, name, locale or coverage. In the lists the number of pages is in brackets. At the end of the browse tree you will get a list of consultants that match your requirement. Click a name to see a full CV. To use multiple requirements you can either use search or cloud.

For clients looking for a consultant there are no fees, no restrictions. The consultants' resumes include contact details, telephone, email and/or contact form, etc. so you may contact them direct to discuss your requirements. CV pages have a print button to make them printer friendly, or for the paperless office the page URLs can be used. These always work and go direct to that page. There are also RSS feeds available if you want to be kept up to date.

For consultants with the right to call themselves chartered more details can be found in the consultant's menu on the right. We welcome all flavours of chartered consultants and engineers. Extra skills and industries are added on request.

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