• Chartered Consultant is different to other directories; you have to be chartered to be listed here. This guarentees a high standard of quality; when a client browses this site all he is going to find is chartered consultants. This is the consultant A-List.
  • Because Chartered Consultant presents clients with a small, select list, you are more likely to receive an enquiry. When you consider the effort it takes to become chartered, isn't this something you want to promote? It certainly costs to remain chartered, and we at Chartered Consultant understand this. That is why we consider it our mission to promote your business and services.
  • Chartered Consultant enjoys a high google ranking. This allows us to effectively reach the people that matter to you.
  • At Chartered Consultant we are unabashed at styling ourselves as the premier consultant list. We believe that chartered stands for quality, and do our best to live up to your standards. Being chartered should be the aim of all engineers and should be top of any client's requirements.


  • Chartered Consultant welcomes all flavours of chartered consultant. If we do not yet list your skill or industry we are more than happy to add it. We pride ourselves on being a user-centric site - we respond to your needs.


  • The fee is £55.00 + VAT per year. Payable annually within 30 days of account anniversary. There is 6 months grace in the first year so the first payment is due 213 days from account creation. And of course if you don't think we are value money then there is no obligation to pay.


  • To join, and take advantage of the above offer, go to the apply page to create a new account. You will be sent an email with a password. When you have received that you can log in and enter your details. Our system is very flexible, and allows you a full range of HTML, so you can have links, italics, bold, etc.. Css is also available for experienced web coders but don't worry if that is not you. There is a simple html guide and a few simple html elements is really the most that is needed to enhance your page. Plus if you are really stuck then as a user drop us an email and we'll fix it for at no cost.