Client FAQ

What is chartered?

Chartered is a term controlled by law. Only members of certain institutions can call themselves chartered. For chartered membership, consultants must have satisfied their peers that they have reached the required standard. Thus, being chartered is the hallmark of quality, ability and experience.

Are there any Terms and Conditions?

The only Terms and Conditions that apply to prospective consultant clients browsing this portal are the disclaimer and the copyright statements.

Are there any costs?

There are no client costs for using this portal.

What is a portal?

The dictionary definition of a portal is a gateway. On the Web it is a starting site that is a gateway to many other Web sites or services. Chartered Consultant, strictly speaking, is a vertical portal since it has the narrow focus of being a business to business (B2B) gateway, linking clients with consultants, and usually consultants' web sites too.

How do I use this portal?

You can browse:

By Name: if you are looking for a consultant whose name you know, or perhaps partially remember.
By Industry: if you are looking for a consultant knowledgeable about a particular industry.
By Skill: if you are looking for a consultant with a particular skill. But, note that this browses only the key skills sections. A search might yield more results.
By Coverage: if you need a consultant for a particular location.
By Locale: if you are looking for a consultant in your area.

Using this site's search will enable more specific queries. The site search has its own help.