Antony Anderson

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Consultant Electrical Engineer: failure investigations: expert witness
Services Provided: 

An independent consultant electrical engineer and expert witness with extensive experience of electrically-related investigative work that has successfully supported litigation and dispute resolution. He investigates and reports on unusual electrical problems and on the causes of electrical machine and control system failures. He offers ideas and solutions that improve design/manufacturing processes.

Additional Skills: 

Extensive management experience of industrial electrical R & D projects related to electrical machines and their control. Experienced R & D team leader and failure investigator. Knowledge of : electrical drive systems; transient behaviour of electrical machines; large generator problems including core failure mechanisms; superconducting AC and DC machines; experimental flux and current instrumentation of electrical machines. Typical investigations carried out: substation air circuit breaker fault; catastrophic failure on large DC Motor armature; stator winding faults on submersible pump induction motors; high speed switched-field reluctance motor winding faults; core failures on large generators; anomalous heating during hydro-generator core testing; vehicle electro-hydraulic system instability; automobile cruise control malfunctions; automobile electrical fire; vacuum cleaner cable fire; electrostatic shock when operating lift. Management of industrial IT-related systems improvement. Technical Expert European Commission, including evaluation and review of R & D projects, Expert Witness UK & USA.

Specialist Areas: 

Forensic electrical engineering, process control systems, machine failure/defect analysis, industrial, electromagnetic engineering, electrical generators and motors, manufacturing engineering/processes

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Academic Qualifications: 
BSc (Hons) Elect. & PhD St Andrews Univ., Queens College Dundee
Working knowledge German and French Some Spanish
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Antony Anderson
Electrical Consultant
26 Westfield Drive, Gosforth
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne & Wear
United Kingdom
NE3 4XY (view map)
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+44 (0) 191 2854577
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+44 (0) 191 2854577
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