Russell John Yardley

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Power electronics consultant
Services Provided: 

The services of myself, Russell John Yardley, I supply via my company, Northstead Design Ltd.
My main area of expertise is Power electronics and its control and in particular
Switched mode power supply design. (SMPS).
Related to this I get involved in the design of transformers and inductors for bespoke power supply design.
Prior to branching off as a freelance electronics engineer I worked for the following company's as an electronic
design and development engineer:-
GEC Industrial Controls (Kidsgrove 1982-1986)
Powernetics (Loughboro 1986-1990)
Pektron (Derby 1990-1992)
Erskine Systems (Scarborough 1992-2000)
(After this, until the present, Northstead Design Ltd, my own Company)

Typical services I offer are:-

• Electronic Circuit Design
• Consultancy/Advice:- As and when needed priced by the hour/day.
• Existing products and support issues

• Electronic/product design reviews
• Electronic equipment FMEA’s and single fault test plans
• Power electronics design/development and assistance in the same.
• Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) design and development assistance.
• Circuit simulation and feasibility studies.
• EMC compliance troubleshooting assistance
• Technical documentation. Product specifications, test specifications, product operating specifications, circuit design description.
• Test procedures.
• Design Review assistance (from a 3rd party point of view)
• General electronic development “bench” testing
• Design and verification testing
• Component reliability issues
• Design to cost exercises
• Product failure investigations
• PCB layout assistance
• Embedded micro and associated firmware
• Component obsolescence issues
• Product specifications
• Product compliance work
• Product reliability improvements
• Component reliability issues (Failures attributed to component manufacture, product design issues, manufacturing issues).
• Alternative component approval including verification testing and ruggedness evaluation
• Existing product support issues
• Temporary electronic design/development engineer hire at “busy times” or fill in if any of your own design engineers leave or are temporarily off sick/away.
• Pick up the pieces of a project if your electronics design engineer leaves you “without a paddle”
• Full design “fit for purpose” reports on your electronic products. Advance warning of potential weaknesses/design issues which could cause failure returns or dangerous issues in the field.
• SMPS topology choice decisions.
• Analogue, digital and Power electronics design/development/troubleshooting.
• Design of transformers, inductors (chokes) for power conversion or filtering. Ferrite, powder, iron cored etc. Design down to individual “copper” and core geometry/type.
• Power electronics/Power supply education and training.
• Customer support issues.
• OEM , power supply/equipment sourcing and choice issues
• Design/development engineer recruitment personnel assessment reports. Vetting the suitability and capability of prospective design engineers/technicians your HR department are looking to recruit.
• Project management
• Expert witness consultation, reports and related services
• Electronic equipment diagnostics and repair

Additional Skills: 

Over the years I have picked up and learnt skills as required to complement and
facilitate the design of electronic circuits.
As I have spent a considerable amount of time in the power electronics industry and in
particular the bespoke design of switched mode power supply's, I have found simulation
skills to be vitally important.
I have used a number of "Spice" simulators including PSpice and LTSpice.
I have designed many inductors (chokes) and transformers for switched mode power supplies down to minute of details.

FMEA's have always been an important "fine tooth comb" method of reviewing a new (or existing) design and I have
notched up quite a few over the years.
To be a good Electronic Product designer, it is also important to have a knowledge of what can and does go wrong
out in the field so as to continually improve the process.
As a freelancer I have done extensive product support investigations within the power electronics industry on clients existing
products in terms of finding design weakness, component batch issues, customer abuse/environmental issues etc.
With knowledge of electronic product design, failures, FMEA etc then another use of my skills is as an Expert witness or related technical report writing.
With my accumulated knowledge I also get involved in design reviews, either on my own or within a team.
I have successfully served as a joint expert witness for a power electronics related issue.

Specialist Areas: 

Power electronics.
Switched mode power supplies
Wound component design (ferrite inductors/transformers).
Expert Witness consultation.
Power supply control loops including digital methods.
Power circuit simulation and feasibility studies
Analogue electronic design
Digital design
Technical report writing
Product failure investigations

38 years
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BEng (hons)
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Russell John Yardley
Northstead Design Ltd.
3 Northstead, Back Lane
wold Newton
United Kingdom
YO25 3YH (view map)
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01262 470500
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