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Consultant Engineer: Manufacturing. Troubleshooter & Project Manager.
Services Provided: 

Nic Williamson, is the principal consultant of Azteck, a partnership that delivers in 5 areas:

  • Business Recovery & Reinvigoration;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Business Process Simplification;
  • Compliance to Regulation and Standards;
  • Expert Witness.

Please see headings that follow.


Directors may find that their business inexplicably looses its edge. We analyse and benchmark the current situation; then with senior teams, we define a strategy and business improvement plan.
Unusually, we have the project management resource to implement the new strategy and/or succession plan (if appropriate).

  • Analysis of current position;

  • Strategic Planning (including planning workshops);
  • Succession Planning;
  • Change Management;
  • Stimulating Culture Change;
  • Business Coaching;
  • Privately Owned Businesses;
  • Interim Management through the change process;
  • Implementation Project Management.

    We bring wide experience of industry and the ‘classic’ problems.
    A report might show you what to do; we will also deliver the full value through implementation.


    Our expertise runs deepest in manufacturing.

    • Improving Efficiency, Quality and Cost Reduction;
    • Automation;
    • Troubleshooting & Problem Solving;
    • Integrated Quality Systems / Health & Safety / Environmental;
    • Paperless Shop Floor Management Systems (Data Collection & Delivery);
    • Growing Pains: Technology & Business Processes;
    • Developing Manufacturing for New Products;
    • Relocation;
    • Project Management.

    We have made significant contributions to several ‘world products’ and many clients have been ‘turned-around’ by our input.


    We are business managers first, then, we add skills in system development. This puts the user first while developing simple user-friendly systems that deliver benefit. Software is not important (and may not be involved); it is staff efficiency and sharing of mission critical information to energise better decisions, that is.

    Projects have delivered cost reductions of 1/3 of all administration costs; one paid back in 6 months by saving form printing costs alone.

    • Understanding the business needs;
    • Bringing ‘Best Practice’;
    • Designing for growth;
    • Customisation to your needs.

    Our analysts learn about your business; they inject their expertise and personally create the software/system. How many companies can show that the same analyst has supported a client since 1994?

    We are registered FileMaker Pro developers and members of the FileMaker Solution Alliance.

    COMPLIANCE such as:
                                                    LEAN, TOTAL QUALITY and HEALTH & SAFETY

    Businesses face an onslaught of Regulations, demands for Compliance, new standards & techniques such as World Class etc.

    This is the last thing you need. We advise, specify and implement the steps necessary to comply ( & above all - to benefit).

    • Lean: Manufacture / Enterprise / Business Processes
      Quality Management / Continuous Improvement;
    • Health & Safety;
    • Environmental;
    • Integrated (with the main business processes);
    • Simple and Paper-less;
    • Cost effective and delivering benefit beyond compliance.

    4 months after a catastrophic Tesco audit, the auditor returned and commented, "Fantastic". Boots reported: "Among the best we have seen".

    If you want buzz-words, we are not right for you. If you want common sense and experience, please phone or e-mail.


    We offer a legal-technological interface: technical investigation, preparation of briefs and presentation of evidence.
    Our most valuable attribute is our ability to investigate scientific and engineering matters.

    • Interpreting the core dispute issues / patent claims;
    • Formulating an investigation;
    • Robust conduct of the investigation;
    • Plain language presentation of science and engineering.

    The experts you brief will personally carry out the investigation. They personally: study the documentation; write the reports; and stand witness in court. This robust approach ensures that your brief does not suffer dilution as it passes down to technicians.

    Our well-equipped laboratories and workshops specialise in investigative work.

    • Mechanical Engineering;
    • Electrical Engineering;
    • Manufacturing;
    • Product Reliability;
    • Failure Investigation;
    • Health & Safety;
    • Dispute Resolution;
    • Alleged Patent Infringements;
    • Forensic Investigation.

    A foot note: Experience teaches us that the first subject matter considered for expert advice is inevitably not the key issue. Therefore, it is vital to engage a widely experienced expert whose speciality is the investigation and analysis process itself.

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  • Additional Skills: 

    Identifing areas for improvement and then project managing the implementation.

    Working within the team, but outside the politics.

    Specialist Areas: 

    Businesses on the threshold of opportunity or the brink of disaster.

    Directors and Managers who are frustrated and saying:

               'It must be easier / simpler than this.'

    since 1974
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    FIMechE, FIEE
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    Eur Ing, CEng
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    BSc Production Technology & Management & HND Mech Engineering
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    Amazon Barn, Manor Farm, Elkstone,
    United Kingdom
    GL53 9PD (view map)
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    01242 870000
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    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Please use the contact form or please phone 01242 870000.

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